1480 Armadale Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90042

Street Parking readily available.

If you have any questions, reach out:

  • iandrewgrace@gmail.com

  • (262) 825 8172


Here are some things that would set us up to get the best images. 

  1. Shower or bathe beforehand (make sure to have clean hands and feet)

  2. I encourage you to remove body hair (not a requirement to participate) Much of my work focuses on light and detailed texture - hairs can be a distraction.

  3. Prior to shooting wear loose clothing so that no marks are on your skin - high socks, bra straps and tight pant lines really do affect the skin. 

  4. Arrive (unless previously discussed) with minimal to no makeup. Base, foundation and concealer are fine - We're just going for a natural look

  5. Bring a robe or loose outerwear if you’d like to put something on between lighting setups (not required).  

  6. Relax, just be you, we're going to get beautiful images.


Q: How long does a shoot take?

A: It depends on the shoot, but between thirty minutes to two hours. (average is 90 minutes)

Q: Is there a changing area? 

A: Yes, there will be a changing area at the shooting location as well as a robe for you between lighting setups. 

Q: Do you use a makeup artist or hair stylist for the shoot?

A I always allow for one. However, some subjects prefer to be alone for the shoot, and not all shoots require having one. 

Q: Can I bring a friend - for my own peace of mind?

A:  Yes! Whatever will make you feel comfortable. Just give me a heads up so I know how many people to prepare for. I may ask them to be outside of the actual shooting area - so I have room to move lights etc. but they're totally welcome to be on site and close by.

NOTE: All instruction on posing is given verbally.