grooming preparation

Here are some things that would set us both up to get the best images. 

  1. Please have natural and clean nails ( please no paint or artificial nails)  

  2. Please have arms and legs shaved (especially women) - Much of my work focuses on light and the limbs and the hairs can be a distraction from the texture of the skin and the contour of the light on the body. 

  3. Shower or bathe beforehand (Make sure to have clean hands and feet)

  4. Prior to shooting wear loose clothing so that no marks are on your skin - high socks, bra straps and pant lines really do effect the skin. 

  5. Arrive (unless previously discussed) with minimal to no makeup. Base, foundation and concealer are fine - We're just going for a natural look.  

  6. Relax, just be you, we're going to get beautiful images. 


Q: How long does a shoot take?

A: It depends on the shoot, but between thirty minutes to two hours. 

Q: Is there a changing area? 

A: Yes, there will be a changing area at the shooting location as well as a robe for you between lighting setups. 

Q: Where is the studio?

A: Shoots often take place in Eagle Rock, CA - about 15- 30minutes north of downtown Los Angeles (depending on traffic).  

Q: Do you use a makeup artist or hair stylist for the shoot?

A I always allow for one. However, some subjects prefer to be alone for the shoot, and not all shoots require having one. 

Q: Can I bring a friend - just for my own peace of mind?

A:  Yes! Whatever will make you feel comfortable. Just give me a heads up so I know how many people to prepare for. I will likely ask them to be outside of the actual shooting area - so I have room to move lights etc. but they're totally welcome to be onsite and close by.

NOTE: All instruction on posing is given verbally.