244 S Broadway,  Los Angeles CA 90012 

The shoot will be held from 1-5pm. The doors will be open at 12:45pm.

  • The sign above our entrance reads "BASIC FLOWERS" 

  • There are Joe's Parking lots next to and across from the venue (at this time we’re unable to validate parking)

  • Please help keep our secret location discreet and do not congregate directly outside the venue.

Please be aware that as this is a pop-up location. The restrooms are down a flight of stairs.

*Clothing to get to the bathroom will be mandatory as there are hallways and security cameras.

If you have any questions, reach out at iandrewgrace@gmail.com

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Here are some things that would set us up to get the best images. 

  1. Shower or bathe beforehand (make sure to have clean hands and feet)

  2. I encourage you to remove body hair (not a requirement to participate) Much of my work focuses on light and detailed texture - hairs can be a distraction. A full body shave is unnecessary but I am avoiding straggly hairs and thick protruding bushes. ;-)

  3. Prior to shooting wear loose clothing so that no marks are on your skin - high socks, bra straps and pant lines really do affect the skin. 

  4. Arrive (unless previously discussed) with minimal to no makeup. Base, foundation and concealer are fine - We're just going for a natural look

  5. Bring a robe or loose outerwear if you’d like to put something on between lighting setups (not required) .  

  6. Relax, just be you, we're going to get beautiful images.